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Key Benefits

Our platform offers a variety of standard document processing solutions that cover all essential needs:

  • Table Extraction: Automatically extract and organize data from complex tables.
  • Document Classification & Summarization: Categorize and summarize documents for quick insights and easy management.
  • Forms Extraction: Efficiently process and extract data from various forms.
  • Plots/Graphs Analysis: Analyze and interpret data visualizations embedded in documents.
  • Signature Detection and Validation: Verify the authenticity of signatures to prevent fraud.
  • Document Sentiment Analysis: Gauge the sentiment expressed in documents to better understand content and context.

Our intuitive interface allows users to upload documents effortlessly, with support for multiple file formats (PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG) and a generous file size limit of 200MB which can be increased. The drag-and-drop feature and easy file browsing enhance user convenience and efficiency.

With, users can choose their preferred extraction method

  • Default Entities: Extract standard, pre-defined entities.
  • Custom Entities: Tailor the extraction process to meet specific needs.
  • All Entities: Extract all possible data points for comprehensive analysis.

To ensure seamless integration into your existing workflows, offers robust APIs and integration options. Our platform can be easily connected with your current systems, allowing for automated document processing and data transfer. This connectivity ensures that our solution enhances your operational efficiency without disrupting your established processes. Standard API integration outputs are available in JSON, XML, and CSV formats, providing flexibility and compatibility with various systems.

API Capabilities

Industry-Specific APIs

  • Finance Documents API
  • Government IDs API
  • Healthcare Documents API
  • Insurance Documents API

Standard Solutions APIs

  • Table Extraction
  • Document Classification and Summary
  • Document Sentiment
  • Forms Extraction
  • Signature Detection supports a wide range of integrations with popular cloud storage and database solutions, ensuring that your data is accessible and manageable across different platforms. offers seamless integration with a wide array of storage solutions and databases, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in managing your documents. Our platform can easily connect to AWS S3 buckets, allowing secure and scalable cloud storage. For users leveraging Microsoft’s ecosystem, we provide smooth integration with Azure Blob Storage, facilitating robust and efficient data management.

Our service extends to MongoDB and PostgreSQL, supporting both NoSQL and relational database environments, respectively, thus catering to diverse data storage needs. Additionally, integrates with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox etc, enabling effortless document synchronization and access across various devices. These comprehensive integration features ensure that your document management workflow is streamlined, secure, and adaptable to your preferred storage solutions.


Cloud File Storage Integrations

  • SharePoint
  • AWS S3
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive

Database Integrations

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

Additionally, offers the convenience of emailing the processed output directly to specified recipients, ensuring that you and your team can access the results promptly.

Key Differentiators

  • DifferentiatorsLow Code
  • DifferentiatorsHybrid Ai Architecture (AI & Gen Ai)
  • DifferentiatorsCustomizable Data Extraction
  • DifferentiatorsPre Built integration
  • DifferentiatorsAPI Driven
  • DifferentiatorsPrivate LLM (Work in Process...) begins with an advanced Ingestion Engine that connects to multiple data sources, including Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS S3, Blob Storage, MongoDB, and SharePoint etc. This flexibility allows for the effortless ingestion of enterprise data from various storage solutions, ensuring no document is left behind.

At the heart of lies the AI-Based Document Processing Engine, which performs a comprehensive suite of functions including entity extraction, table and form extraction, plots/graphs analysis, signature detection and validation, and sentiment analysis. The engine caters to all entities, default entities, and custom entities, offering tailored solutions that meet industry-specific standards and regulations.

Finally, our Output Parsing Engine converts the processed data into various formats such as JSON, CSV, and XML, ensuring compatibility with your existing systems and workflows. This flexibility allows for easy integration and further data analysis, enhancing overall productivity.

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